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Everything's unusual

As you and I both are well aware, O my internets, there is a fine tradition of going for a long walk in the rain when gloomy. There are songs about this and everything. Nor do I resile from the tradition: on the contrary, I have embraced it since adolescence and as you know I never can throw anything away. Including, some might say, my adolescence.

However: I hold also to the fine tradition of going for long walks whatever the weather, to ponder problems in my work in progress. Also, to shop for dinner; and also, these days, just for the steps, to satisfy my Fitbit.

Therefore: you are not to draw any conclusions, erroneous or otherwise, when I say that I have just been walking in the rain. Because I could. I went for a walk! In the rain! For miles'n'miles, and it only rained harder all the way!

Yay rain. It won't break the drought, but oh, it's welcome. Apparently the weird high-pressure system over the Pacific that's been shoving all our weather up to Canada for over a year now has relented, at least for the nonce, and the jetstream has slithered southerly and we should have storm-pulses slamming in broadside off the ocean for the next few days. So say the forecasters, at least: who are not the BBC, but they've been spot on today. Which did not at all stop me going out and getting very wet indeed. Who cares? I have dry clothes, and a warm cat house cat*; I shall make a pot of tea and curl up with Tim Powers for a while, and then get back to work. Possibly I should've let the rain keep me in and at it all day long, but I did just have to walk.

Also, I have learned a thing: even the smell of rain on this dry country, the petrichor is different here. I can manage to be homesick on my own, but nostalgia needs a seed, a grain of sand, something to bind upon. A smell is classic, but not on offer hereabouts, not today.

*He's dithering.
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