desperance (desperance) wrote,

We can haz freezer!

I may have been complaining about the tiny above-the-fridge freezer compartment ever since I arrived in this house. Now, courtesy of John? We have a freezer.


As you observe, it is black and splendid and becatted. And we are off to FogCon late today, but when we're back next week I shall begin to fill it, and oh, the rejoicing when things no longer leap from the current compartment every time it's opened, to smash on the floor beneath; when every closing of the fridge door does not prompt an opening of the freezer door; when... Well, you get the idea. Things will be better, yes. And I will freeze more things, and hold more things in readiness against a need, and and and...

(I may need to learn to rotate the contents of my freezer. I have in the past proved very good at freezing things, not so much at defrosting and then using the things*. I may be a little bit of a hoarder, secretly.)

*Our friend Elizabeth was going away for an extended holiday; she invited us around to dinner, to help her empty her freezer. It ... may have been the oddest meal of my life. I think it was the moment when the whole stuffed Edam cheese was followed by kippers...
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