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In which I have an actual effect on actual, y'know, stuff

So James Nicoll posted a link to the Chesley Awards for SFF art, where they're actively seeking suggestions for this year's nomination round - and I thought "Ooh, I know some cool artists and some cool art from last year's book covers, I shall participate in my community and suggest 'em." And I clicked through, with Mark Ferrari's name top of my twitchy fingers for his cover to Rotten Row* - and there was a category for hardback book covers and a category for paperbacks and nothing, nothing at all, for e-books.

I slithered out of there pronto, because that's just ridiculous. And I was going to contact them to say so, but I figured they must have hundreds of people doing that and they'd be bored rigid by the endless nagging (I know somewhat of how other awards are managed, and there are reasons - not necessarily good reasons, but reasons - why they are seemingly unresponsive to change), so in the end I just dropped a mildly snarky comment into James' LJ and left it at that.

And not very much later at all, he posted a reply to say that they'd altered the wording in response, so that the paperback category is now paperbacks and e-books, yay!

I think that is so cool, that they were willing and able to respond so swiftly and so satisfyingly. I am deeply chuffed with myself, with James and with the ASFA which administers the Chesleys.

And I have been over there to make a couple of suggestions on their form, and so should you.

*What's that you say? Self-interest? Nah, I just think it's a fabulous cover. T'other one I hold dear from last year isn't even on a book I had anything to do with, bar a blurb on the back cover to say how good it was.
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