desperance (desperance) wrote,

I guess I'm just embarking on my junior year, then...

Two years ago today, I flew into Chicago, discovered America and stayed*.

As we know, retail here is king. I went out looking for a birthday present for m'wife, and came home with an anniversary present for m'self. Traditionally leather is for the third year, but hey: I am now in possession of a new purse (which you might possibly call a wallet). It's green, so m'lady should be pleased; and it has almost all the pockets a man could wish for. Almost. What is it about pockets...?

In less enchanting adventure, I lost my Fitbit again. And found it again, yay me, on the floor in Macy's - but I'd been halfway home before I realised it was missing. I hate how crap the clasp is, on such a cool piece of tech.

Meanwhile I am still loving the dickens out of my new freezer. It has capacity! Also, two temperature zones, deep freeze and not-so-much: I am half inclined to buy a freezer thermometer, just so's I know what temps we're actually operating at. Mmm, retail. What is it about spending money...?

Meanmeanwhile, taxes. Ever a joy, and a splendid anniversary commitment.

*For some reason, after all these years of heedless accuracy, I have started wanting to type stayed as staid. Any minute now, I anticipate that played will come out as plaid, and we will all be lost.
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