desperance (desperance) wrote,

On freezers

Of course we knew what we were getting into. What Mac would be getting onto. Put a black freezer in a sunny window with birdies beyond, we could expect nothing else. Nor did we.

Nevertheless. I feel very tempted to post another picture. He is totally torn between lying dozy in the sunshine and staring fixedly at the fluttering inaccessible birdies. (I have opened the window, to make his torment all the more.)

In the grocery store, I was delighted to overhear myself think: "Trouble is, that's far too many chicken thighs - oh, but wait! Freezer! I can cook half and freeze the rest! Have my cake and eat it!"

So, in the spirit of new virtue, half my chicken thighs have been bagged and labelled and dated - and as soon as Mac gets off the bloody freezer, I can put them in it...

Tonight's yogi dinner is a chicken biryani. In the recipe I am more-or-less sort of following, it says "Saute the onion/garlic/ginger paste until golden brown." Thing is, I chucked a couple of serrano chillies in there, because hullo, still me; which meant the paste started out a lovely pale green. It is now not so much golden-brown as khaki.
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