desperance (desperance) wrote,

How goes the day?

This morning's duties:

Post taxes
Visit library
Avoid doctor

All the above have been achieved. (I initially typed "have been achieved successfully", because "have been successfully achieved" has too much of the structure & rhythm of a split infinitive to sit comfortably in my head; and then I was thinking about that, and then I thought, "Oh wait, is not success inherent in an achievement?" and deleted the adverb. I am not of that school that calls for the entire excision of the part, but superfluity leads to tautology and is to be deprecated.)

This afternoon's duties:

Light grill
Buy pork
Grill pork
Make rolls
Bake rolls
Make beans
Bake beans
Harvest kale
Cook kale

(The beans are cranberry, bought at the farmers' market on Saturday from the man who grew them: freshly dried, as it were. I am thinking a simple treatment, sage and rosemary and olive oil, a little onion and garlic, nothing more.)

I had been hoping to squeeze some work in there somewhere, but I'm not quite sure where it might fit. Maybe I'll just go on thinking about big ships, the way I seem to have been all morning. Tut. I ought to be focused on Mars Beneath - but, y'know. Squirrel! And the fascination of what's difficult, and the social hierarchies of sailing ships engrossed to the size of a city...
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