desperance (desperance) wrote,

Foiled by grammar

We are heading off shortly, to the house of two friends. I wanted to say that shorter, more colloquially, the way a real person would - but I can't say a friend's house, because not true. I can't say a friends' house, because weird. A house of friends? Also weird. I don't want to use their names, because privacy. Help! What would real people do?

Anyway: watch movie, drink wine. Just the thing, after a day of stress and satisfaction and frustration and so forth. (I have ported over my Firefox bookmarks, yay, including a kitchenton of recipes; and I have located and downloaded and unzipped and installed a printer-driver that works, double-yay; and I have discovered that my preferred word processing package does not work, because of broken dependencies, triple-boo. I have emailed Germany, to ask for a fix. Sometimes their instructions come in German, whoopee.)
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