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Some splendid civic-minded individual has knitted and fitted bikestand-cosies for all the bike stands downtown, to keep them warm and fluffy all summer long. Observe:


In other congestion-based news, what bright spark thought of using the word "phlegmatic" to mean anything other than coughing up gallons of icky phlegm? This leaves me without a word to describe myself just now.

Other than "stressed", that is. I feel like crap, and I have two unexpected Thursday-like deadlines for secret non-fiction writings, which are my least favourite thing ever apart from being sick or my friends being sick or my cats being sick or or or.

(Mac would like me to thank all his polite enquirers, and confirm that he feels much better now. No more needles, quoth Mac. Firmly.)

Meanwhile, m'wife is on an all-clear-liquids diet, on account of Medical Procedure. I have made her jello (new mango flavour, which she calls delicious; all I know is the depth of my disappointment. When I was a kid in the UK, instant-ish jelly was made by taking cubes of rubbery jellystuff and dissolving them in water, or just eating the rubbery cubes which was better. Over here, jello these days is a powder, and no fun at all) and iced tea and chicken broth, and that's me about done for ideas. It's only till tomorrow, so I guess she'll survive, but oh: the poor sweetheart. I did consider eating pig's brains for lunch, in front of her, just to revolt her utterly at the very notion of food, but I'm not sure even that would work. (Besides which, see under "feeling crap". I am disinclined to eat at this time; I might even join her on the diet. Mmm, chicken broth...)
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