desperance (desperance) wrote,


...and now I am sitting up at half four in the morning, nursing my I-have-run-out-of-interesting-yet-practical-ways-to-spell-cough. This is annoying. I actually felt ill midweek, but now all I have is this wretched hack, or tussis.

If this goes on much longer, maybe I really will go to the doctor. Not that Chaz-has-a-cough! is any kind of news to anyone, it's been happening all my life, but this one's worrying m'wife.

Also, I have no lemons. No emergency toddies for me.

[EtA: this is a lie. Sorry, wasn't that obvious? Of course I'm making a toddy. Just sans citrus. Hot whisky-and-honey: it surely can't hurt. If I had any bitters, I'd add bitters.]
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