desperance (desperance) wrote,

I love the smell of curry in the morning

So yesterday, as happens at least once a month and sometimes more, Thursday dinner turned into Curry Club. See this?


No, you're completely wrong. This is not dinner. This is leftovers. (I have always had a problem judging volume, will-this-fit-into-that. So I overcater. Besides, we only had five people yesterday including ourselves. Standard Thursdays run to twice that. Obviously people hate my curry or something.)

Anyway: lamb (and beef, because I ran out of lamb) kofta in a tomato coconut sauce; pork bhuna; chicken with turmeric and cilantro that I totally made up; tadka dhal; sugar snap peas with ginger; lemon-rice-without-the-lemon. (Oh, and my own chilli pickle in the jar. My own chilli pickle which has nearly run out. I should totally do something about that.) I could eat this all week. Just as well, really. I may have to.
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Deleted comment

This cannot be leftovers, because there is wine in that picture, and for it to be left over would violate a fundamental principle of the Universe...
Heh. Okay, I took the photo when people had quit eating. I admit it: drinking was still going on.
This is not dinner. This is leftovers.

They are pretty snazzy-looking leftovers, let me tell you.
I'd walk miles for those leftovers. They would not be left over!
I just need someone to invent that teleportation device and I will be right there!
I'd say I'd be right over but I just ate nearly my weight in garlic beef, so yeah, not moving.

Looks good, tho.
I have always had a problem judging volume, will-this-fit-into-that.

Au contraire! You say yourself, all of this will fit into Chaz. Eventually. No problem here!
What a cruel post. Now you have me thinking about curry. Could we use up one of the chickens or maybe there's enough lamb or....

These dinners always sound like a wonderful event. Makes me wish we lived closer and that you'd invite us over to share these feasts.
You're always invited. You're just never close enough. Someone needs to shrink California...