desperance (desperance) wrote,

An Omnium Gatherum

From the book description sent by Abebooks, with the volume that arrived today:

Contents include:

Pogonotrophy in Serendip; Of Antick Beards; Of Barbers and Barbarians; Beards versus Bayeux; Radat and Filioque; Beards and Bigots; Of Prayers for Shaving and of Other Matters, including False Beards; Mambrino's Helmet and the Beard of Bessanon; The Augustan Age of the Philopogon; The Beard Romantic and the Scandal of Whiskers; The Nineteenth Century; Hail and Farewell.

Or, in other words, yes: after four years and more of being five thousand miles from my favourite book, I have finally obtained my own copy of Beards: an Omnium Gatherum by Reginald Reynolds, rather than being dependent on the now-far-distant copy in the Lit & Phil.

If I never told you the story of how this in fact became my favourite book, I might do that. Later. Meantime, I'm just going to sit and stroke it, 'k? For that it is mine, I tell you, mine to me...
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Have you read Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds? It has a chapter about beards...
I have not! Am pursuing...
Yay! I remember finding that book as you told us the original tale. So glad you now have your own copy.
Should I get this if only to shelve next to The Shaving of Shagpat?