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My beans are sprouting, hurrah! Also some of the California poppies. There is no sign of the green onions or the cucumbers; and the arugula that made two neat marching rows two days ago was down to a single row yesterday and almost nothing today. I blame birds, devouring my seedlings. Unleash the cats!

Actually, these hot days, we have all the windows open and the cats are beside themselves. They can't actually get out, on account of insect screens that they are too virtuous to destroy; so they camp out on windowsills and glare at the evil seedling-eating birds and make chirruping I-am-so-going-to-kill-you noises. [And then they sprawl about on cool floors and look hot. And drink lots of water, sensible boys. Desert creatures: they don't sweat, but they take care of their own hydration.]

There was a bird with a lot of blue on it in the garden yesterday. A white breast, I think; blue and grey, mostly, elsewhere. Quite a big bird. Any ideas?

In other news, I have made 6.5 jars of lime marmalade today. It's good to keep busy.
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