desperance (desperance) wrote,

New adventures in cooking

I never would have done this in Newcastle, in my former single state; but yesterday for dinner I made a salad of chicken and bacon and fennel and apple and toasted pine nuts and spinach and leaves, with a dressing of yoghurt and parmesan and lemon juice and oil. It was, if I may say so, a triumph. With fresh bread, of course, and a dessert to follow: an apple-and-ginger crumb pie, as it happens. Which is basically a crumble/crisp inside a pastry shell, so yeah. Not much to dislike there.

It's not the best thing about being married, but it's definitely a plus, that I get to cook different things on a daily basis. Nothing clings so assiduously to habit as a bachelor in the kitchen. Now I have someone else's palate to satisfy, and my skills to test and challenge. I do somewhat miss the great pots of fierce chilli, but hey. They haven't really gone away; there will be times again. And meantime, this is just so much fun...
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