desperance (desperance) wrote,


Damn them to hell and back, they have denatured my habanero!

From Wikipedia: In 2004, researchers in Texas created a mild version of the habanero, but retained the aroma and flavor of the traditional pepper. The milder version was obtained by crossing the Yucatán habanero pepper with a heatless habanero from Bolivia over several generations. These mild habaneros were expected to be widely available in the future as of 2004.

I bet that's what Lucky is selling, and what I bought in my innocence, in all my hope and folly. But honestly, is nothing sacred? Nothing secure? If you change what a word means - and without consent, yet! - it means nothing. How can I buy anything called "habanero" again, not knowing if it's the true old scorcher or the milksop Texan?
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