desperance (desperance) wrote,

New things! Good and not so good!

Good: I have cut a purple cauliflower into florets, and it was just so much fun. And no, I am not being ironical at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also good, but oof: I have made pizza dough to rest in the fridge overnight and be ready for a build-your-own party tomorrow. Never done that before. It is both sticky and stiff; I should probably have worked it for longer, but oof. That was as much as my shoulders were good for, never mind my hands.

Possibly not good at all: I'm not sure yet, but Amazon may have let me down. They say my package was delivered at 9:02 this morning; I say it was not. Certainly I have no package. They also say that occasionally their deliverypersons may bleep a package as "delivered" when what they mean is "loaded onto the van for delivery". I have spent all day believing this, and waiting with ever-decreasing optimism to see if a package manifests. If it doesn't, then urgh and sigh and so forth, and we will begin to unravel the oy-where's-my-stuff? process. Forward to which, you may gather, I am not looking.
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