desperance (desperance) wrote,

I have seen planets damask'd, red and white

Well, actually it was mostly the sun that was damask'd different hues: red and white and actually blue too, depending on the filter. But "the sun" doesn't quite fit the metre, so. Poetic licence, not yet handed in.

Anyway: that was just the coolest thing. Venus observ'd (might also have been the subject line, but others will be doing that, so...). Also sunspots observ'd, also flares! Four times the size of Planet Earth! I don't really have the words for how cool that was. Also how generous other people are, with their eclipse-glasses and their telescopes and their time.

I used to get this excited about science stuff when I was a kid; it's nice that I still can.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I want to go read more about transits, 'til I understand why they're actually so rare...
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