desperance (desperance) wrote,

Contrary to scientific method

What do we know, people? We know that if you mix your units indiscriminately, your space probe will crash into an inconveniently-placed Mars, and many people will be very unhappy with you.

This recipe I am making? Is the first I've met that starts out cheerfully in pounds and ounces, and then abruptly shifts into cups and spoons halfway down the ingredient list*. It is, um. A little annoying?

Who knows: it may yet prove as good as its claims. On the other hand, if it crashes and burns, I will know where to place the blame...

[EtA: also, I have to tell you that the addition of a whole cup of freshly-brewed coffee right at the end there makes for an insanely liquid batter. Perhaps all will yet be well, but I do hope they hadn't muddled themselves yet further by their box-and-coxing the measurements. They'd already forgotten ever to include the spoonful of cinnamon mentioned in the preamble...]

*In the expressed spirit of the thing, I did of course convert all weights into grams.
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