desperance (desperance) wrote,

It begins with spam, and ends with revelations

The nice thing about spending noticeable amounts of time deleting spam comments from my LJ, which these last few days I suddenly find myself doing?

Is that I get to reread the entries, and remember things that happened to the guy I used to be.

Which, doing this, it dawned on me that I never do this: I don't revisit my journal, any more than I do my (published) work. It never crosses my mind to do that. But when I kept a paper diary, I'm fairly sure I did sometimes just pick it up and flick back, read through this or that, maybe compare my memories of the escapade with the written record.

Maybe I was younger then, and everything was draft? Posting is a form of publication; maybe things are fixed these days, that were only ever scribbled at before.

Whatever. These spam notifications are a form of lightning-flash reminder, snapshots of people and places of ago. Which is odd, and oddly welcome, I find, at the same time as being a pain in the ass. (They're not even anonymous comments, so I can't generically turn 'em off; I guess the spammers have grown wise to that, and just generate artificial identities for purposes of spammage.)
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