desperance (desperance) wrote,

Two Degrees of British Bacon

We have achieved the first stage of bacon: what in the UK we would call green bacon, but let's not call it that. Fresh bacon, unsmoked bacon, either one of those.

Half the UK would leave it like this. There's apparently a north-south divide in this as in so much, whether bacon should or shouldn't be smoked. Me, I like both, and I remember a moment of confusion here when I asked whether a particular bacon was smoked or not and blank looks occurred. It took us a little time to unravel the difficulty, but apparently all bacon over here is smoked, it's a part of the definition.

So: I have English green unsmoked fresh bacon, and I'm not stopping there. The next stage is either to fake-smoke it by lightly roasting in the oven, or less-fake-smoke it by lightly grilling on the barbecue. Behold me dither. Apparently it's okay to dither for days; it'll keep nicely for a while as is.

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