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If we had NEM we could have MNX, if we had NEX

Karen was working from home today, so I made hamburgers and salad for lunch. I may have to do that more; I've decided that I like making burgers. Half my books tell me that the only proper burger is Just Meat, but I find that dull to do, regardless of how it eats; so I am playing with grated onion and garlic and herbs from the garden and Worcestershire sauce and so forth. So bite me - or better, bite my burger.

Tonight we have a handful of yogi, and they shall indeed have ham and eggs - only rather repurposed, because the ham's going in the fried rice and the eggs will be an omelette on top, and there will be shrimp and mushrooms on the side. And chillies for those of us that like 'em, which in fact may just be me.

And in other food-related news, I have learned how not to go to San Francisco this week. Which is a shame in many ways, because as you know SF is the newly-adopted city of my heart and I do love to go there; but it takes time and costs money and so forth, so I really only go when I really need to. And I thought I needed to, because this is February and the Seville orange season is tragically short, between last month and next, and although Silicon Valley used to be the Valley of Heart's Delight and all orchards all the way, it seems that nobody around here grows Sevilles. I have never found them in the farmers' market nor in the stores - until today. When I did. So I carried ten pounds home, and I will be marmalading shortly.

Also it has become transparently clear that I do absolutely need a kaffir lime tree in my garden. That is all.
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