desperance (desperance) wrote,

Exemplary weather

God damn it will this eternal rain never en - oh, wait.

Yay rain. Again.

Cherish it while it's here; it's not going to last.

In a possibly-related development, I am spending the day withindoors, and have just (at 1.30pm) started putting more clothes on: sockses and a hoodie. I was suddenly cold. This seems odd, in what should be the warmest part of the day; but I had spent an hour on the couch, where I sit close to the front door, which features draughts from withoutdoors, so maybe it's not that odd?

Anyway. I have I think cleaned everything from yesterday's marmalading, so that no evidence remains, except a faint aroma of washed oranges. And, of course, an array of jars. In the giving-away, I will for a while be able to offer people their choice of stiff set or soft set, as the new brew is a lot looser than last year's. That wasn't my intent and I'm not sure I like it, tho' I was aware of deciding it was done sooner than I usually do, as soon as it showed any signs of wrinkling on a cold saucer. It is at least not runny, which I abominate: just ... soft. Hunh. If it distresses me, I may yet scrape it all out into the pan again and boil it some more. I guess other people would add pectin, but apparently I come over all puritan in this regard, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. I did note - and may have noted last year, may even had said it last year - that the variety of Seville I get over here has fewer pips than I'm accustomed to, and so yields less pectin. Maybe I should just learn to like a softer set? But I never feel I've really done my job unless it stands up stiff in the spoon.
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