desperance (desperance) wrote,

All may not yet be lost

To nobody's particular surprise, things being as they are, it may after all prove possible to recover my unbacked-up data, if not my actual Linux installation. Turns out that if you have two parallel Linux installs on the same hard drive, they can peek over each other's shoulders at each other's work. Whether they can actually copy same, I have yet to prove - but I am hopeful.

Due to previous idiocies, I did in fact have several installs of various iterations of Ubuntu on the desktop. One I have brought up from 10.04 to 12.04, and set as my default fallback position; I can work on that. Another I am currently advancing from 12.04 through various leapfrogs to 14.04, the iteration that failed; if I can make that work, then I should be able to move forward, and probably all I will have lost will have been the time it's eaten and the time it's yet to eat. And the frayed temper, and the coolth, and and and.

I am trying to look on it as a learning experience. Certainly I know a few things about Ubuntu now that I didn't know this morning. Tho' mostly it's just a reiteration of what I've always known, that I should've learned what I was doing properly when I started doing it, twelve or fifteen years ago. ('Twas what Geoff said, indeed: "Schedule time," he said, "and spend a hundred hours learning it." Needless to say, I nodded wisely and with good intent and did not do that. And have busked and frauded my way ever since, as I do with everything, hey ho.)

In other news - finally! - be it noted that Gardner Dozois has nice things to say about my first Mars story (including a variation on "I would have bought that") in the latest issue of Locus. I'd link to it, but it's not openly available online. I might prevail upon m'wife (who has the Locus sub in this household) to post a juicy line or two. Then I could link to that.
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