desperance (desperance) wrote,

Smoke gets in your pork*

I should be typing up more of the thousand-and-one corrections, but I'm not. Instead I have lit the barbecue and cracked my first beer of a gorgeously sunny day (yes, yes, they're all gorgeously sunny around here, but what's your point? - just because it doesn't stand out, doesn't mean it don't deserve notice and applause; everybody has won, and all must have prizes). There's a hunk of pork smeared with my patent smear (ketchup, cider vinegar, dry mustard, cayenne, hot smoked paprika) and sinking slowly into the smoky heat of the grill; there's a sourdough loaf rising, and also a batch of sesame seed buns; there will be beans (from the freezer, labelled "Beans"; I know nothing more) and kale-and-mushrooms-and-dried-cherries, which is almost a recipe, almost. I was going to make a fruit tart as well, but I'm not now, because everything is behindhand and stuff.

And I should be typing up yadda yadda, but I'm not: so allow me instead to yell "Sale!" in yer delicate lug-'oles. Thanks to m'wife's insistence and Jaym's patience (I may have run a little late, and a little long), my story "Afterparty: or, Not Out Of The Woods" will be appearing in Genius Loci, edited by Jaym Gates, published by Ragnarok, financed through Kickstarter. I may have mentioned this story en passant before, as being the first Quin story not to feature Quin, and therefore possibly the last Quin story ever. Possibly. But what I'm really excited about is that table of contents: here is a great passel of friends and awesome writers, with whom I have never before shared covers. Look, there's Andy Duncan! And Laura Anne, and that Seanan, and sovay, and @geardrops ("Glasses!"), and and and...

Oh, and. While I'm posting, I have neglectfully failed to post this. What is this, you ask? This is the cover by Mark J Ferrari for my forthcoming short novel, Being Small. Which will be out next month. Next month!


*Not a euphemism, no. What?
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