desperance (desperance) wrote,

A kumquat. Or more than one, actually.

Interesting fact of the day: the kumquat is no longer a citrus fruit. It's been reclassified, as Fortunella.

That being said, it does remain a very roly fruit. Theresa brought around a vasty bagful, gleaned from her productive bush. Unfortunately - most unfortunately - they were obliged to be left in their paper bag a day or two too long. When I went to lift it, the bottom of the bag remained on the freezer while the walls merely tore damply asunder. The kumquats, thus liberated, went naturally everywhere. I had to grovel about on hands and knees for some considerable time to recover them.

Oblige me by imagining just how much fun that was, in my current condition.

Thank you. I am obliged.

And now I have two and a half kilos of kumquats to slice, deseed and convert into marmalade. Tonight. 'Scuse me...
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