desperance (desperance) wrote,

News: that's what we call it when people tell people things

I know, I haven't posted here for ages. I do still read friends' posts on a daily basis, but my own social-media engagement seems to have shifted almost entirely to Facebook. I think that just became a better way to stay in touch with more people in the UK and elsewhere, and I don't seem to have made space for more than one active social medium.

Anyway and however, I am trying to be better at all these staying-in-touch kind of things, along with telling-people-stuff. In pursuit of which, I have written an actual newsletter! Which will be sent out within a day or two to all my mailing-list subscribers!

If you'd like to be among that number, I'm just sayin', it's terribly easy. Just go to my webpage, here and scroll down to the bottom of the very first page, and there's a box for signing up to the mailing list. That's all. Please do, if you would like to. You won't get bothered much; I think this may be my second newsletter in five years. As I say, I am trying to get better, but nobody should expect miracles.
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