desperance (desperance) wrote,

Only twenty-four hours from Puebla

This time tomorrow, we'll be flying into Mexico, where Karen will be harvested of her stem-cells prior to having her immune system killed off with chemotherapy. Then her stem-cells will be reinserted, her immune system rebooted, and maybe she won't have multiple sclerosis any more.

It's a month of radical treatment, during which time we'll be pretty much isolated within an apartment building and together twenty-four/seven.

I have no idea how this is actually going to play out, but one scenario says that we are going to find time hanging heavy on our hands. I do have a tradition of blogging about foreign trips; clearly this one may lack external input, but nevertheless, it is possible that I might revive this journal for the occasion. (For clarity, I never chose to abandon it; it just turns out that I can only maintain one social-media presence at a time, and Facebook is better for staying in touch with the communities I left behind me in the UK. Hence this has kind of gone by the board - but it's so much better for long-form blogging, maybe I shall revert. Maybe. Watch this space.)
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