desperance (desperance) wrote,

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

Well, not quite: but tomorrow is our last day here, and Saturday we have an obscenely early flight back to the US.

Karen has maintained her tendency of being always on the bell curve, only more so: her numbers crashed to the lowest imaginable when they were supposed to dip, and soared in recovery after. When she needed a leucocyte count of 4K, she had 38K. So that was okay, and she was discharged from the treatment two days ago. Since when she's largely been sleeping, because she's still incredibly weak, but hey. We'll take that.

We are turning our minds to departure-type things, running laundry loads and packing medications for the next six months. She's going to be vulnerable that long at least, and there's a list of things she's not allowed: sushi and crowds and suchlike. Also wine and restaurant foods, both of which are rather more a problem. We'll deal. Well, she'll deal, largely. I'll cook.

I've finished two more chapters of the Crater School vol 2, but I haven't done much else while we were here. I was hoping for more, but this whole caregiver scenario is kind of mind-sapping. I've read a lot of books, and even more internets. That's about it, really.

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