desperance (desperance) wrote,

Solstitial hauntings, hurrah!

Well, that was fun. Myself and two good friends (and oh, isn't it nice to have friends? 'Scuse me while I come over all sentimental...) reading new ghost stories at the Lit & Phil, to a sell-out crowd of interested people. Sean O'Brien and Gail-Nina Anderson were the friends, and the first half of the evening; I went after the break, 'cos my story was still twice as long as either of theirs. I haven't entirely lost the art of the short short story, but my natural length at the moment does seem to be long. Even after I've been savage with the cutting.

Anyway, all three stories went down well (it is also nice to be complimented; but accepting a compliment with grace is an art, and I don't have it; I go "Awww..." and kick the table-leg, or nearest adult equivalent)[NB - anyone asking what is the nearest adult equivalent to a table-leg will find that the answer is themselves, and be kicked]. And my other friend (look, I have three!) samarcand sold books at the back (he has also posted about the event, and may give a less prejudicial overview), and half a dozen of us went out for a curry after, and all in all it was a thoroughly good night.

And today's good news is that I have got past yesterday's stymie with the book, and am writing again. Indeed, I am writing now. Jendre is standing in the street with a dwarf and two dogtooths, in the rain, in the night; and should not be left there all unbidden, so...

[Chaz lights out for the territory]
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