March 17th, 2008



I entirely forgot to bring Saturday's guests into the living-room; from first to last, the evening was passed around the dining-table. Which is, by and large, how it should be and what I prefer; can't be doing with all this shifting around from room to room, playing musical chairs &c. It's all about the food, people...

However. I had artfully left my copy of the journal "Nature" (yes, that one, containing my very own story) lying around for anyone casually to have it thrust under their noses - and I forgot.

In which Chaz fails, yet again, at egotism...

[That cackling sound you hear? That would be my friends. Cackling. My cackling friends, let me show you them.]

Plot Synopsis Project

Damn, and double-damn. In response to an entry jpsorrow made about synopses (coupled with my own experience, because it's a question that new writers always ask), I suggested that some of us might post actual synopses that had led to actual published novels. jpsorrow ran with this, to the point of signing up a couple of dozen authors willing to join in. All across the interwebs, today is Plot Synopsis Day - and, um, I can't find mine.

I can find most of it on paper, but not in electricable format. It was made on another computer, but it really should have copied over with everything else, and it hasn't. Powering up that other computer to search for it, plugging in power cord and monitor and keyboard and mouse... um, no. Not going to happen.

Back-ups, you say? Yes, of course there will be back-ups. Somewhere. On the floor, most likely, where the boys have knocked 'em. Again, the search is really not going to happen.

So: herebelow is the list of other writers, who are no doubt doing this thing properly. And then, behind the cut for spoilers' sake, will be as much as I can bear to rekey from my own synopses for the duology (Bridge of Dreams and River of the World) that constitute Selling Water by the River. With apologies for the chaotic mess that is my life.

Plot Synopsis Project participant links:

Patricia Bray (pbray):

Chaz Brenchley (desperance):

Mike Brotherton:

Tobias Buckell:

S.C. Butler (scbutler):

Barbara Campbell:

David B. Coe (davidbcoe):

Jennifer Dunne (jennifer_dunne):

S.L. Farrell (sleigh):

Diana Francis (difrancis):

Gregory Frost frostokovich):

Felix Gilman:

Jim C. Hines (jimhines):

Jackie Kessler (jackiekessler):

Mindy Klasky (mindyklasky):

Misty Massey (madkestrel):

C.E. Murphy (mizkit):

Naomi Novik(naominovik):

Joshua Palmatier (jpsorrow):

Maria V. Snyder:

Jennifer Stevenson (smokingpigeon):

Michelle West (msagara):

Sean Williams (ladnews):

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jpsorrow writes:

There’s also a book available that has other samples of plot synopses in it. It’s called I Have This Nifty Idea: Now What Do I Do With It? edited by Mike Resnick. Check it out for more samples!