desperance (desperance) wrote,

Paper, Scissors, Stone ... Lizard!

House of Doors and House of Bells are both set in a country house that I've written about before, in The Keys to D'Espérance. It's a known entity. Furthermore, House of Doors is set in the Second World War, when the house has been turned into a hospital for burned airmen. That gives it a milieu, a look and feel that's very familiar, that frankly didn't take a lot of think-work on my part to set up.

House of Bells, on the other hand? Is set in the '60s, when the house is being used for a commune. Or an ashram, or a cult. An alternative community, let us say. I don't know much about it yet: the community will be defined, as they always are, by its constituent people, who will introduce themselves on the page as I write.

But it needs a name, that is not D'Espérance; and that will also be a contributory factor to the community's development, names are important. And I don't know what it is. Which is unusual for me, I usually start with a name and build from there, as I start books from their title.

I've put in a placeholder, which is also unusual for me: I normally stop until I'm ready to go forward.

But anyway: I went for a walk, to see if I could find a name among these suburban Californian streets.

Nope. But I found a lizard. Just scuttling across the sidewalk right in front of me, and diving under a bush. City lizard! It wouldn't happen in Newcastle.

In other news, I have bought Karen a blender, and made soup for lunch. An onion-and-leek-and-celery-and-celeriac soup, which I shall adorn with fried apple and crispy bacon croutons, because that will be lovely. And because I can.
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