desperance (desperance) wrote,

Heavenly, Heavenlier, Heavenliest...?

The Laptop of Heavenly Perfection is, as you know, my workhorse; it's written most of my books for me for the last six years or so. During which time it's passed from Windows Vista to one distribution of Linux to another. It's officially a Sony Vaio, which means there's a lot of proprietary hardware in there; finding a distro that could work with its wifi was a challenge - until I tried Ubuntu. It went slurrup! and that was that: settled in, happy and contented. Since when Ubuntu has been my thing, on the desktop as well. We have passed from Gnome to Unity, even: we don't like it, but we can apparently live with it.

I am fairly conservative, though, about upgrades: I don't need bleeding-edge (as witness, I haven't bought a new laptop for six years or so), and if I have a working installation, why fix it when it's not broke?

Except that every now and then I do the other thing, I want a Great Leap Forward. Whatever the cost.

So for the last eighteen months or so, Ubuntu has been regularly reminding me that it has a newer version available for upgrade. This morning, its reminder was a little more rigorous: This release is no longer supported! Upgrade or die! [it said] [more or less]

Well, okay then. So I went to the coffee shop and wrote a couple of pages, just to show willing; then I brought it home and powered it up and said go on, then. Upgrade me.

Ubuntu works on a regular six-month release programme (no, sweetie, that's not the same as catch-and-release), and any installation is only comfortable upgrading to the next; so if you get eighteen months behind, there's a whole sequence of steps ahead. Not so much a Great Leap Forward as a hop, step and a jump.

So we've gone from 11:04 to 11:10 (yes, they are numbered to the calendar month); we are currently doing it all again, from 11:10 to 12:04; and then, if the poor thing doesn't melt or explode, we may well go from 12:04 to 12:10, the latest iteration. And if that goes well, maybe I'll bring the desktop up to the latest too. Tho' I'm slightly more nervous about that, given the troubles we had getting a usable graphics set-up. The current one's fine as is, after all, and if it ain't broke...
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